Boho Buffet – China Cabinet Revamp

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In addition to revamping, I also like to up-cycle furniture into a funky new piece as well. In today’s post, I am going to show you how you can take a china cabinet and revamp it into a buffet and an interior green house.

A couple of years back as I was moving into my new home, I had a lot of furniture given to me by my family, including a china cabinet given to me by my grandmother Rose.

So this piece was really special to me because I remember it being in my grandmothers house when I was a child. We use to go over her house every Sunday to get a hot breakfast before church and a hot meal afterwards. Man I loved those moments. As I got older, I held on to it and moved it to my new house. Now during this time, I got a better job and started to replace old worn down furniture that I kept for years. I slowly got rid of items one by one, but when it came to my china cabinet I just couldn’t do it. I new the item was over 20 years old and there were some areas coming apart and in my attempt to save this beloved piece, I decided to repaint it. After painting it, it really made it look good and I kept it for a while longer until one day I wanted to step outside the box and take it to another level.


My china cabinet repainted.

So as I stayed in my new home, I found myself wanting new furniture but I didn’t really have the money at the time. So instead of trying to buy something new, it occurred to use what I already had. In result, I challenged my self to take my china cabinet and repurposing it into something awesome and this is where the journey began.

Let me be honest, I am an techie and artist at heart and one thing that you will learn about me is that I don’t really preplan any of my projects and if I do I usually go off the well worn path based on how I feel as I work. The techie part comes in because I am very analytical and I like to figure things out when I take it apart or by watching someone else. So with that being said, now you can understand my way of thinking and the fact that I have never really worked on something like this before. So I guess you can say I knew what I wanted then I didn’t but… I followed my heart.

Any who, the goal was to take one piece of furniture and make it into two useable pieces. So to first start the process, I took time to look at the piece and determine where I could start unscrewing and removing items. I ended up removing the upper back piece first to see what else I was dealing with.


After removing the back I noticed some screws that would help me separate the china cabinet in half, but before I could do that, I needed to take the mirrors out so that I wouldn’t break them. Luckily this was an older furniture so removing the glass wasn’t too hard to do, but I always recommend that you at least wear gloves because the edges could be sharp.


After I removed the glass it was time to separate it into two. To accomplish this, I decided to lay the China cabinet on the ground and start unscrewing the doors and any other area that connected the two pieces together.


After about 20 minutes of figuring out where all of the screws were at I finally was able to separate the pieces.


Out of the two pieces, my first project was going to be the bottom part of the China Cabinet and I loved the way it looked by itself.

After looking at it for a few minutes, I decided to make it into a buffet table for either my dining room or a plant table for my living room. This led me to running into my basement to see what I can use as a table top.

It didn’t take me long to find some wood flooring that the previous owners left behind in the garage. I brought it upstairs and started to lay it across my table. It was a perfect fit for width of the table, now all I had to do was cut it the length to the proper size.

After cutting it, I screwed in some wood screws to hold the flooring in place and must I say that it turned out beautifully!


After looking at it for a few weeks, I decided to move into my living room and change the color to give it a more boho chic feel. 20180226_073959635573225784874444.jpg

This was one of my favorite pieces and I love the process. Did you try something like this? How did it turn out? Join me next week to find out what happened to the top portion! Thanks for tuning in and till next time…

Live Life and Love Yourself


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