Painting to Brighten up my Bedroom

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Sometimes a room can be so dark to the point that it doesn’t allow the light to come in your room to show it’s true potential. Now this is not all bad if your not big on a lot of light or your intent is to sleep in a pitch black room at night (which is quite peaceful by the way), but I’m a person who loves light (especially in the morning) so something had to change. Plus it been a couple of years since I moved into our new house and I feel it’s time to take small steps to custo-mine it (Yes…. that’s right… I made up a word). I was happy with the results and I want to share some tips of what I learned along the way!

I chose my bedroom as a good example for this post, because it was my first room to repaint after fully recovering from my surgery.  Before I started revamping, I had to take a good look at my room. All of my walls were a cranberry red.  When I first moved into my house I loved it, but over time I started to think that that it contained too much energy and made the room appear smaller. The end goal was to make it look brighter, and one of the ways to do that was to pick a brighter color and take the four red walls down to one accent wall.

Bedroom Before

Bedroom Before

So I must admit, before I started revamping my home, I did not have much interest in painting or brightening up my room. That’s until I found myself sitting at home for four weeks staring at the same walls throughout the day. As I became better, I started to get up and go out to thrift and home improvement stores to get exercise to avoid my forming binge habit of watching HGTV and DIY all day. After doing my usual spin, I decided to get some off white primer, painters tape, and Pebble Grey paint.

Soon as I bought the paint, went home and got to work immediately. I started taping my wall off and adding the primer. Now I know the picture looks like it took a while painting, but you would be surprised to know that what takes the most time is not painting… its applying the tape, removing the face plates of the plug, etc. This took some time, especially considering that I am somewhat of a semi perfectionist. Afterwards, I was able to apply the primer, then allowed it to dry. Once I applied the first coat the room already started to brighten up!


My bedroom taped off and primed.

After the primer completely dried, I applied the finishing coats of Pebble Grey and immediately removed the tape once I was completed (this prevents the paint from peeling). Man, when I tell you that my room felt so much better! All I did was added some paint and it looked like a whole new room.  Since I couldn’t figure out my design at the time, I decided to come back to it later to finish my revamp. I love the way, the light shines in my room now.

I hope that you enjoyed my post, what do you think of the new color?



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