Designer in the Making – Part 1

When I was younger, I was an anti-social child who lacked confidence and preferred to hide in the shadows of my more popular peers. From elementary school to high school, I was often the butt of jokes and rolled with a very small crowd. I was a tomboy and I never really found interest in being a “girly girl” or making things look pretty. I liked life just the way it was… boring (or so I thought). I remember how I would sit back and watch other girls talk, laugh, and hang together. It irked my soul because I didn’t fit in.

Eventually, I found myself moving towards hanging with the guys.ย Some of the boys that I were around at that time often thought that I was not fit to do what they did because I was a girl. They thought that girls should be jumping rope, painting their nails, and screaming at random roaches, not playing basketball or flag football. But while being around them I felt that I could be myself and there was no need to move out of my comfort zone… until one day a boy by the name of Travis challenged me to a drawing competition. Before I he could call me a chicken, I abruptly accepted his offer… because I had something to prove. Even though I jumped to his challenge, honestly I was truly nervous because I never really put pencil to paper when it came to drawing.

I remember staying up for hours that night creating my masterpiece… a muscle bound buffalo named George. When I arrived to school in the morning, I was nervous because they were waiting. I put my book bag up and took out my strawberry shortcake to reveal the greatness. As I put the paper on the table I took a step back. They looked… and then went crazy! They loved it. Travis of course was still hating but he eventually gave me my props for a job well done.

What was crazy about this whole situation was that I was not wrapped up on the fact that I beat my opponent, but the fact that when I started to draw, I found myself at ease. It was like I was in my own world and created to my hearts content. From that point on drawing became my escape goat, I loved it. I drew murals in high school, won awards and eventually started to design marketing materials, websites, and even some commission pieces in my adulthood. You would have thought that I would have stayed on track, however,ย as I became older and became more conscious of self and my financial predicament, I started to steer away from it. Due to hard times, I felt like I needed to find a good paying job because being only a PT artist wasn’t cutting it. In result, I left art and design alone and it wasn’t until years later when I ended up in the hospital that my passion for art was rekindled.

In one year, I found myself going through a series of events; oral surgery, a car accident, and a stomach ache that turned into appendicitis. All these things happened only a few months apart, each situation had me sitting at home longer each time.

As I was recovering from appendicitis surgery, I found myself constantly looking at my bare walls, wondering what could I do with my life at the time. I couldn’t really walk nor drive and I was subject to staying in the house for the next couple of weeks. As I became more mobile, I started to move pictures around my house to help pass the time.ย  As I was working on similar small projects to revamp my house, I eventually ran into an old dresser that I had for a long time sitting in the garage. The dresser was worn but it was still in pretty good condition. For a while I wanted to do something to it but I didn’t know what. There sitting beside it was a can of paint that came with the house. Seeing that I began to think, “Maybe I can paint it… I don’t know, I guess I can give it a go”.

Over the next couple of days, I painted and painted until I was completed and it was beautiful! My old dresser turned into a beautiful blue masterpiece with cloud white pull handles.

Image may contain: indoor

My first revamp project.

I have to admit, I was really proud. Here is a piece that I designed with my own hands. Sitting back admiring the look, I started to wonder… what else could I do?ย Before I knew it, pictures when to dressers, went to plants, plants went to lighting, then lighting went to moving and revamping furniture. Whole thing in a nutshell, I caught the design bug and it was amazing.

To be continued…

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