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Hey there, Mea here!

During my trip to Nashville, Tennessee, instead of going to the usual tourist attractions, I steered off the well worn path to seek the peculiar and the amazing. As I toured the city, I made sure to stop at locations that bragged massive art displays or meticulous crafts. In this case, I checked out some of the local street art, and I must say that each one was just as amazing as the next. Street art is amazing. Just the thought of someone taking out the time to cast their vision on a massive structure is an accomplishment and a work of art.

Then it led me to thinking… what does it take?

Let me start by saying that to create this level of art is a lot of work and even challenges your comfort with heights (which I am working on myself). As I sat back and read the article “Graffiti Street Art Progress – Complete Process” by Fabian Zolar, I was able to follow his progress from start to finish via his photos, and I must say that it was amazing. He managed to finish the piece over 2 to 3 days.

During this time, he had to prep, draw the outlines, and then fill in the color. I also learned that there is a technique to what materials, symbols, and tags to use and that there is even different pressures that you apply to spray. Everything that is drawn is there for a reason. Looking at his progress, made me appreciate the images I saw even more, because it was created with a purpose and a passion.

So much to learn from these beautiful works of art. This was really eventful and even though it wasn’t interior design, it still inspired me as an artist to do as I feel and to always do it with passion.

How do you feel about street art? Let me know in the comments below! πŸ™‚



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