10 Simple Ways to Revamp Your Workspace

Hey there, Mea here!

No matter where I work, I have learned to make that space comfortable and cozy for me. After our work area was renovated a couple of months ago, I was told that I had free reign to revamp my area (Why did they tell me that? :-)). Since then, I have added a few personal touches to give the room a more zen feel. Revamping my space made my room more comfortable but it also showed me the benefit of designing your office to reflect your own personal taste.

Now it may sound hard to believe, but the layout of your work environment can sometimes enhance or hinder the performance of your day. It can contribute to your productivty, create a positve energy, increases creativity, and reduces stress.

When it comes to how to design, it doesn’t take much at all to do so. Most of the things that I found in my office were brought from home or bought from WalMart or Home Depot via the clearance section. The fun part is that the layout is really based on your likes and dislikes (just make sure that you are respectful to the workplace rules). To give you a few ideas, I listed 10 things that you can add to your workplace to give it a more comfy cozy feel:

  1. Plants – I love plants, especially ones that are easy to maintain. Adding certain plants to your workplace not only helps give it life but it can also help clean the air. One thing to note about plants is that you have to make sure that you get ones that will go well with the lighting in your space. This can be easily identified by the tags on the side of the plants or ask the staff member of the nursery.
  2. Art – Art is a wonderful contribution because it is usually a reflection of your personality. Find pieces that grabs your eye or even better… make some of your own. There is nothing better than a DIY piece made by your hands.
  3. Color & Textures – I really believe that color and texture can set a tone to a room. Color is great when you can’t modify the wall color, it adds pop without addition work. Texture is also good because it teases the senses. I love seeing a crocheted quilt or a beaded pillow on a couch.
  4. Furniture or Decor – Furniture, especially comfortable pieces, can establish a very warm and welcoming environment for not just yourself, but other guest as well. Adding something that fits the space would be perfect and can be an alternative sitting spot if you like to move around your space (like myself).
  5. Lighting – Lighting is everything when it comes to your space. If possible, adding things such as lamps or turning a few off can really make a space more comfortable. Just make sure that its not so comfortable that it makes you go to sleep because it happens.
  6. Conversation Pieces – Everyone likes a bit of conversation especially if it is one something that you like. Find a unique piece and place it in a visible spot in your office. One of my go to spots for this is Ross. They always have something unique and affordable.
  7. Candles – Ok, who doesnt like to walk into a delicioulsy aromatic office? Not I, said the duck. Adding candles to your space adds a pleasant smell to your workspace. You can buy candles in the form of regular candles or you can purchase a wax candle kit. Its easy and simple… just remember to cut it off at the end of the day and be mindful of people who has allgeries to certain ones.
  8. Books – Everyone should have shelf full of their favorite reads. I try to read every morning before I start work. Books can also second as resources for others as well.
  9. Stationary & Supplies – Ok so dry erase boards and calendars are a serious go to for me. Having these items can help you stay more organized and consistent.
  10. Music – Playing soft music is a great alternative if you are trying to focus or having a stressful day. Just keep in mind of your surrounding audience and the type of music that your playing. Keep it professional.

Well, there you go! A list of 10 simple ways to revamp your workspace! Do you have any to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!
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