About RoseMea Designs

“Uniqueness by Design”
RoseMea Designs is an interior design company, that specializes in furniture design and interior services such as; upholstery, refinishing, home decor, custom furniture, and textile design. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, we service customers who desire to implement unique furniture and decor pieces in their home.

The company was founded by Mea M. Hampton, owner and lead designer in 2017.

To add a personal touch to a place our customers call home.

About Mea M. Hampton

“Art is my passion and furniture is my canvas.”

Mea M. Hampton is the owner and founder of RoseMea Designs. As a mother of two, a self taught artist, and growing designer, she loves bringing homes to life by adding unique furniture and decor. She always loved viewing and creating art, but it wasn’t until she was recovering from surgery in 2017 when she discovered her niche; furniture design and interiors. Since then, she has taken on various furniture revamping and redesign projects to enhance her skills and is currently enrolled into school for interior/graphic design at St. Louis Community College.

“I started revamping furniture as a hobby while I was recovering from surgery. My first project was moving pictures around to help me walk normal again, then next thing I know, as I became better, I started throwing things out and revamping my furniture to pass the time. It was so relaxing to me that I just kept going. I really enjoy what I do and I treat every piece I work on or design with love as if it was going into my home.”

Artist Statement

“The power of color, creativity, and textures are profound. It affects our decisions, emotions, perspective, and relationships with others. Functionality is necessary. It affects our comfort and addresses a need. Both aspects plays a big part in artistry and design and by combining the two, it creates the ability to create a unique conversation piece or an appealing space that satisfies the mind.”

– Mea Hampton, RoseMea Designs, 2018