10 Simple Ways to Revamp Your Workspace

Hey there, Mea here!

No matter where I work, I have learned to make that space comfortable and cozy for me. After our work area was renovated a couple of months ago, I was told that I had free reign to revamp my area (Why did they tell me that? :-)). Since then, I have added a few personal touches to give the room a more zen feel. Revamping my space made my room more comfortable but it also showed me the benefit of designing your office to reflect your own personal taste.

Now it may sound hard to believe, but the layout of your work environment can sometimes enhance or hinder the performance of your day. It can contribute to your productivty, create a positve energy, increases creativity, and reduces stress.

When it comes to how to design, it doesn’t take much at all to do so. Most of the things that I found in my office were brought from home or bought from WalMart or Home Depot via the clearance section. The fun part is that the layout is really based on your likes and dislikes (just make sure that you are respectful to the workplace rules). To give you a few ideas, I listed 10 things that you can add to your workplace to give it a more comfy cozy feel:

  1. Plants – I love plants, especially ones that are easy to maintain. Adding certain plants to your workplace not only helps give it life but it can also help clean the air. One thing to note about plants is that you have to make sure that you get ones that will go well with the lighting in your space. This can be easily identified by the tags on the side of the plants or ask the staff member of the nursery.
  2. Art – Art is a wonderful contribution because it is usually a reflection of your personality. Find pieces that grabs your eye or even better… make some of your own. There is nothing better than a DIY piece made by your hands.
  3. Color & Textures – I really believe that color and texture can set a tone to a room. Color is great when you can’t modify the wall color, it adds pop without addition work. Texture is also good because it teases the senses. I love seeing a crocheted quilt or a beaded pillow on a couch.
  4. Furniture or Decor – Furniture, especially comfortable pieces, can establish a very warm and welcoming environment for not just yourself, but other guest as well. Adding something that fits the space would be perfect and can be an alternative sitting spot if you like to move around your space (like myself).
  5. Lighting – Lighting is everything when it comes to your space. If possible, adding things such as lamps or turning a few off can really make a space more comfortable. Just make sure that its not so comfortable that it makes you go to sleep because it happens.
  6. Conversation Pieces – Everyone likes a bit of conversation especially if it is one something that you like. Find a unique piece and place it in a visible spot in your office. One of my go to spots for this is Ross. They always have something unique and affordable.
  7. Candles – Ok, who doesnt like to walk into a delicioulsy aromatic office? Not I, said the duck. Adding candles to your space adds a pleasant smell to your workspace. You can buy candles in the form of regular candles or you can purchase a wax candle kit. Its easy and simple… just remember to cut it off at the end of the day and be mindful of people who has allgeries to certain ones.
  8. Books – Everyone should have shelf full of their favorite reads. I try to read every morning before I start work. Books can also second as resources for others as well.
  9. Stationary & Supplies – Ok so dry erase boards and calendars are a serious go to for me. Having these items can help you stay more organized and consistent.
  10. Music – Playing soft music is a great alternative if you are trying to focus or having a stressful day. Just keep in mind of your surrounding audience and the type of music that your playing. Keep it professional.

Well, there you go! A list of 10 simple ways to revamp your workspace! Do you have any to recommend? Let me know in the comments below!
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Royalty – The Chair that Ignited My Passion

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Hey there, Mea here!

Its been a little over a year since I started my revamping hobby. I remember starting off with painting my first dresser (coming soon in a future post) and reupholstering my first chair that I call “Royalty”.

I remember coming across this particular chair one day when I was walking around the Goodwill. I noticed it sitting there all by its lonesome. Even though I didn’t really come for a chair, this one stuck out to me. I loved the look of the wood and cane frame, it was sturdy and the foam was still in tact. This was a good find, and my goal was to take it home and make something of it. After I took it home, I started to work on my vision, I wanted to create a more update and unique chair while maintaing the structure of the original piece. I decided to paint the frame black and replace the fabric with a rabbit faux fur that I purchased from Joann’s Fabric.

To accomplish this, I had to first work on removing the current fabric. Considering the design of the chair, this part was pretty simple. After removing the dust cover, back fabric and draco, I discovered that it was a few screws that held the back and seat of the chair together. After the pieces were dismantled, I made sure that I carefully removed the fabric off of each piece. You want to make sure that the old fabric is in tact because you can use those same pieces as templates for the new fabric. Next I painted the frame. I started with a gray primeir then coated it with 3 layers of Onyx Black acrylic paint. I allowed each layer to dry for a couple of hours and once I was completely done with the paint, I let it dry for a day so that I can add the finish (Polycrylic) with no problem.

While the finish was drying, I started to work on reupholstering the cushions. This was pretty simple because I chose to remove the tuffed buttons, pipping, and leave the cushion as is. Since there was not pipping involved and the seat fabric was all one piece, after cutting out the new pieces, it didn’t take much time to put the fabric back on. I used staples to hold it in place. Once the pieces were complete and the frame was dry. I screwed the pieces back on and just stood back and admired my hardwork :-).

This chair is special to me because it reingnited my revamping passion and it was a pretty cool first project. I had it in my home for a while but now it lives in another wonderful home. I really hope the customer really enjoys it as much as I did making it!

Have an experience that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!
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My Post

Key Tools for the DIYer

When I first moved into my house, I really didn’t see the importance of having tools at home because I had home warranty insurance. It wasn’t until a year or two later when it all started settling in. During the time of my warranty, I realized how much money I was paying out to the warranty plus the cost of having someone come in to complete the repair when something needed to be done. At the end of my second year, I decided to cancel it. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some things I will leave to the professional. At the same time, there are also some projects that I am confident that I could do myself.

With that in mind, I had to get some tools for the house. I didn’t spend much at first, because I inherited my dad’s tools which were plenty (Btw: I had to pay via sweat equity because they were all buried in the basement :-), but it was worth it). Since then, I have see the benefit of having tools on hand and I wanted to share what I learned.


When you move into a new home or would like to start the path of DIY, having your own set of tools can really play a big part in getting the job done, especially when you plan on completing multiple repairs, renovations, or projects in your new space. Some of the benefits of having tools on hand is that:

  • It can save on time.
  • It can save you money.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Encourage you to buy the items needed to work safely.

These are some of the perks of having your own tool set. Now that you know that, the next step is knowing where you can by them from.

Purchasing Your Tools

Now there are many tools that you can buy, but the goal is to start with what you need first then allow yourself to grow overtime. For instance, I started off with a combination of general tools, however, overtime I added some upholstery and painting tools to my inventory as well because I was going to use them consistently.

When it came to purchasing my tools, it was a combination of buying from local hardware stores, buying online (i.e. Ebay, Amazon), and visiting estate sales. Each one has its pros and cons but it really depends on the needs of the buyer. Local hardware stores are nice because you have the option to either purchase or rent tools. This is great if you have a project that needs special tools such as a tile cutter to finish the flooring in your home. Online shopping is another option because in some cases, you can buy the item cheaper. The downfalls of this method are longer wait times and shipping fees. I usually like to compare prices on multiple sites then make a final decision. Estate sales or apps like Offerup or Letgo are great because the previous owner is really trying to get rid of stuff in their home because it is too packed or simply because they are moving. During the estate sales, you can actually go see the tool, plug it up the see if it works, and possibly negotiate a price.

Next I will give you a quick list of some of the tools that I started off with.

Types of Tools

Below is a quick list of some the general tools you can purchase from the places recently mentioned. This list is a good starter point and can be expanded on as you see fit. I also added links from Home Depot or Amazon so that you can get an idea of what each piece looks like. (Please note, I am not affiliated with the vendors in the links below. I am using the links for information purposes only. Please feel free to search around for comparative brand/ pricing.)

If you know that you are going to work on a lot of projects, this is a good one time investment that will pay for itself many times over. Well that’s my list… What tools do you have in your home? Let me know in the comments below!
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8 Tips to Upholstering

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Hey there, Mea here!

A couple of weeks ago I completed an armchair and ottoman combo. It was one of my first larger projects and I must say that it was quite adventurous. As I was working on this project, I learned some pretty useful tips that I want to share with my fellow DIYers. So with out further ado, here goes some tips I learned about upholstery.

  1. Remember, upholstering is just like a big puzzle. – When I first started taking furniture apart I realize upholstering is just like a big puzzle. In other words, the way that you take it apart, is just about the way you put it back but in reverse. This leads to my next tip.
  2. Number your pieces as you take the fabric off. – So something I really helps me when I upholster furniture is that I number the pieces of fabric as I removed them from off the item. This really helps when I am trying to figure out what I am measuring and in what order I need to put the pieces back on.
  3. Try to get your old fabric off your pieces as neat as possible. – This is a really good point because when you are starting to cut out the new fabric you can use the old fabric as a template. Once you are done cutting out the new piece, keep it with the template so that you can know what goes where. This cuts down on time and guessing.
  4. Invest in an upholstery stapler remover and wear some good gloves. – I cannot tell you how important it is to have a good stapler remover when it comes to revamping upholstery. This is beneficical because sometimes you may have a piece of furniture that have only a couple of staples but then it could have one that has hundreds (depending on the methods of the previous upholsterer). Now note, the stapler remover for upholstery and one for office use are totally different. You can find a couple of good starter ones at a Joann fabric or any other fabric store.
  5. Make sure that you look beyond the fabric. – So one of the important things about reupholstering is that you have to take in consideration that there is more than just the fabric that may need to be replaced such as the foam, springs, and frame to name a few. The goal is to check before you start taking things apart or learning as you go along. There have been a couple of situations that I have had when I thought the chair looked good, but once I took it apart it was a whole different monster.
  6. Make sure that your Fabric is made for upholstery projects. – So when you go your local fabric store, you will come across the many fabric sections that it holds. One thing that you have to take in consideration is that there are multiple types of fabrics. You have apparel fabric, upholstery fabric, and fleece to name a few. While selecting the correct fabric for your furniture, make sure that you pick something that is durable and is best for the piece that you are reupholstering (More details coming soon!).
  7. Start small. – I know it is can be very tempting, but if this is your first project, it is best to start on a small project like revamping a dining room chair. This will get you comfortable with the process and may be light on your pockets money wise.
  8. Take your time. – Upholstery is not a fast paced project, its better to take your time and do it right.

So these are some of the tips I have learned from upholstery. As I learn more I will share! If you have learned anything, please let me know in the comments below! Have an awesome day!



BINGO!! Understanding my Craft – Part 1


Hey there, Mea here!

So I have been taking a step back on a lot of things that I was working on at first. Not because I couldn’t handle it, but because I am going through this process of determining my place of focus when it comes to interior design.

When I first started designing, I wanted to get right into interior design because I love color and I am pretty hands on when it comes to revamping things, then my mind went to flipping homes because it looks like fun (thanks to HGTV :-)). Now these areas are pretty cool and I am still going to work on them, but there is still a missing link. I definitely want to stay in the area of interior design, but I want to do something that would allow me to use my artist skills, design, skills, and IT skills all in one. This goal in mind had me thinking about my past and the things I do today:

  • I love making patterns and abstract art.
  • I currently work in IT.
  • I love the freedom of expression and creativity.
  • I am an intermediate in graphic and web design.
  • I have worked as a virtual assistant.
  • I love working with refinishing, upholstery, home decor, and fabrics.
  • I am advanced in Microsoft Office and intermediate in some Adobe products.
  • I have and is still currently teaching in the areas of IT and Computer Applications.
  • I love to build and revamp (of course :-))
  • I just purchased a REALLY sweet new computer and needed applications (this is somewhat of a confession really :-))

As I sat back and started to look at what I have done and what I am doing now, I started to realize, one… I am a serious tech head… and two… I love to use technology to design. With that being said, I have learned that in addition to what I do now, I am going to continue to improve my graphic design skills and become a textile designer. Therefore, I am putting all my skills into one focus. Pretty cool huh?

Now that’s said… let’s see where this will take us.