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When it comes to our process, we like to keep things pretty simple:

  1. Choose a Canvas (Furniture) – Choose what item you would like for us to revamp from the item. Each piece will provide a cost for selected services.ย Please note service terms and turn around time.
  2. Select Your Design – A representative will work with you to choose a pattern or color from our current selection or if you have a idea of your own regarding color or fabric let us know! (Additional fees may apply.) Once you have selected your design, we will send you a link for payment via PayPal reflecting the request.
  3. Receive Confirmation – We will email you once the order is complete to confirm details and shipment information.
  4. We Design – Depending on the piece, turn around time can take between 2 to 4 weeks for design and delivery. We will keep you posted by sending progress photos via text or email.
  5. We Deliver – Based on our previous agreement we can either ship or schedule a delivery or pick up. (Additional fees may apply.)