Upholstery Services

Prices reflect labor estimates only for small furniture. Please contact us for an estimate for larger furniture. All labor prices are based upon the furniture frame being solid and in good condition (i.e. springs, frame, and paddings). The customer has the option to either buy from one of our vendors or bring their own. (Please note that there will be an additional charge of $15 per yard if the customer brings their own materials.)

Furniture Labor
Plain Back* $325 to $550
with Attached Pillow Backs* $375 to $600
With Loose Back Cushions* $375 to $600
Wing Chair * $350 to $600
Standard Plain $350 to $600
with attached pillow back $400
French Provincial (with finished woodwork) $275 to $375
With Plain Back $300 to $500
For tufting in back add per button Β $7 to $13
For channel back add per channel $8 to $15
Dining Room Chairs
Detachable Seat – wrap around** $25 to $40
(on solid plywood base)
Detachable Seat with cording** $35 to $60
(on solid plywood base)
**For taking off & putting seats on frame, add per each $5 to $10
**Custom fitting chair seats to drop in seats, add each $5 to $10
Dinette Seat and back – Detachable $50 to $90
Parson’s chair (seat & back only, exposed wood legs) $120 to $180
Parson’s chair (seat & back only, with covered legs) $160 to $220
Round bar stool seat with cord $35 to $45
Swivel Bar Stool, seat & back $90 to $170
Plain style (small)* $50 to $100
Standard footstool, solid top, no skirt* $100 to $200
Standard Attached Pillow footstool, no skirt* $140 to $250

Extra charges apply for:

  • Home visits, repairs, or consultations.
  • Supplies or new foam to do the job.
  • Matching patterns.
  • Working with white or very plan and smooth or shiny fabrics.
  • Putting a liner over the padding before putting the cover on the furniture.
  • Retelling or repairing springs
  • Painting or refinishing the frame
  • Extra loose or attached pillows or cushions
  • Frame repairs or alterations
  • Major repairs to the padding
  • New foam or other cushion fill for the cushion or other padded areas
  • Pick up and delivering
  • Anything not normal supplied or done in our normal services and methods.
  • Anything that takes us extra time, labor, and costs to do.
  • Anything not specifically charged for or included on the work order.